Sunday, July 19, 2009

Welcome to the blog of Interior Spaces Inc.

We thought it would be interesting to share photos of our projects-both interior and exterior- as they progress through the before, design and building phases. Seeing the process as it unfolds might help you get a sense of the time, thought, materials and energy that go into a remodeling project.

The design process itself begins with client meetings to discuss what they hope to accomplish...their "dream", if you will. Then we take measurements of the existing areas involved, be they interior or exterior. Once we have created the "as-is" plan to scale, the fun begins! Bringing our years of experience and knowledge into play, we start laying out new design options until we achieve what we believe will give the client the very best their space has to offer-including beauty, function and efficiency. No easy task, but one that we enjoy immensely, and take an enormous amount of pride in. ( Hey, it's a great thing to like your work!)

As the projects progress, we'll give you updates on building issues as they crop up, and give you an inside view of how the contractors are progressing.We really hope that you'll get involved, and share your comments and thoughts with us often! In design, we feel that more often than not there is not a "right or wrong" decision. I can promise you that the design decisions we make were based on careful thought to a best solution, as opposed to just an arbitrary whim.

We hope to hear your feedback and questions, and as much as possible we can let you in on why something was done one way instead of another.

Most of all, we want to have fun with this, and hope it will be fun for you, so the more we hear from you, the more you'll hear from us!