Friday, October 28, 2011

A Room of Her Own Progress

After months of planning, the Room of Her Own renovations are in progress at the Alpha House of Tampa. Last week the design teams assigned to rooms in the East Wing did their installations. The energy and excitement was high and infectious! When they completed their work at the end of the week, it was time to move the residents once more to allow the East Wing design teams access to their rooms.
Our room work started off with a good cleaning. Everything was taken out, and the walls, ceiling and built-in furniture was scrubbed down. Then the painting could begin. Here's my crack team of helpers!

Linda and John Day offered to help with the painting, and I enlisted the help of Doug Phillips for carpentry and general assistance. They started with the ceiling, which required two coats of paint, generously donated by Tanner Paints and Benjamin Moore. Once that was dry, they moved on to the walls above the bead board line. Look out, John and Linda get kinda crazy with those brushes and rollers! Good thing Linda was due for a haircut.

Once the walls had two coats, Doug and John could start installing the beadboard and trims.

When the carpentry was all done, I painted the laminate furniture with a countertop paint also donated by Rustoleum. The fumes were noxious, but the result was worth it!

New drawer pulls, a new ceiling fan and sconce and a wonderful Roman shade from Levelor were all installed to complete the design elements. Then, artist Jeff Monsein swooped in at the eleventh hour to do a simple treatment of vines and butterflies on one wall. I'm saving this to show you later!

Today, I meet our room "Adopter", Roxanne Simmonds with Bank of America. Roxanne will be providing bed and crib linens, towels and other elements that will soften the room and add to the comfort for the resident. Next week, I'll show you pictures of the completed, fluffed room, and I'll also share pictures from some of the other designer's rooms. Worth the wait, I promise! Meanwhile, you can check out the Room of Her Own Blog for updates at this address and you can see the latest coverage from WFLA here.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Building Blocks

Building plans are in place, permits obtained, site visits made and structure orientation confirmed...we're off and running on our pavilion project. This one has taken a long time to get off the ground, but work is going quickly now that it's begun.

The slab foundation was poured after electrical and gas was in place. Then the block work began for the walls. When these are up, all block will be filled for solid walls, which will support the roof trusses and heavy barrel tile roofing materials.

Here's what it looks like in progress. The dust was flying as concrete block was cut.

Andy is doing a great job of getting this project up!

Some excavation has already happened where a pad for one of the pergola columns will go.

And our careful contractor, Al Albrecht, is keeping the work site as neat as possible, and keeping materials under cover to try to lessen the construction impact. This helps!

Our contractor has promised a mid-December completion date on this project, to be ready for a holiday party the client gives. His feet are to the fire, but I think he's up to it. This will go fast, so stand by!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Pavilion's Progress

Though I can't promise you the gripping suspense of John Bunyan's famous religious allegory published in 1678, we've been very anxious to begin this project, and it should be worth following over the next few weeks!

We looked at our plans for the outdoor pavilion in past posts.

This is definitely a case where careful shopping paid off. The job was given to nine separate contractors and building companies for bidding, and finally one came in at a price that made our client comfortable with the further investment in their property.

The winning contractor now has the construction plans done.

We have been asked to project-manage by this client, so we have already had several meetings with the contractor to discuss design and material details. The pavilion construction drawings are now at the city offices for permitting. Meanwhile, the contractor has demolished the existing pergola structure and cleared the way for the construction to begin the second he has approved documents in hand. Here is the corner of the property where the new structure will be placed.

After the demolition and clean up, the contractor and I met on-site to further discuss details and correctly place the structure on the site. Here is the site, waiting for the digging and slab to be poured. The contractor and I spent a lot of time with this placement and how the structure will relate to the pool and the home.

This will be where the structure sits, as viewed from the back porch.

When we see next see the project, a lot will have happened. Don't miss this!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Plumb Finished

"Plumb tuckered out" is an expression my father used a lot when I was young. I never really thought much about it then, but when I just looked up "plumb", in addition to the meanings we would be more familiar with, it also can be used to mean "exactly" or "precisely". Funny how colloquial expressions fall out of use.

Here's "plumb" as we know it! As I promised a few weeks ago, all the packed sub-slab soil was dug up at this site to allow the plumbing pipes to go in. Competent work is SO important here, since once the concrete slab is poured over these pipes, it is a major problem to unearth them if there is a problem with with placement or a leak. So, aside from making sure all connections are secure, very careful attention is paid to exact positioning of the stub-up pipes for future connection to sinks, tubs and drains.

More and more, you can see why an experienced and competent contractor is so important to a successful home building process!