Friday, December 20, 2013

A Haven for Entertaining

The holidays are in full swing now, and work on the project we've been  following for the past few months is still going strong as the final details are being wrapped up.  While that's happening, let's take a break and look at a project we followed a few months ago, which is now complete and being used on a daily basis!

This was an outdoor courtyard project, that had become overgrown, unruly, and mostly unusable.  For a memory refresher, let's look at the before shots again.

The new design specified centralizing the rustic fountain as a focal point, using old-world pavers to create a wall-to-wall courtyard, and replacing the tiki-umbrella structure with a roomy pergola.  These changes  gave the homeowners plenty of space for outdoor furniture and entertaining.  Let's take a look at the completed project.

And, for the piece-de-resistance, here is what the space looks like lit up for nighttime entertaining!

The clients love to begin each day with a cup of coffee, and end each day with a cocktail or glass of wine in their new space.  And that is just what we like to hear!

Friday, December 6, 2013

Back Inside...Well, Almost!

Checking back in on the most recent project we've been following, a lot of progress has been made on the interior.  Painting is underway, and appliances have been installed.  (The homeowner was actually cooking when we stopped in just before Thanksgiving!)  But before we get ahead of ourselves, here are some more shots of the progress.
This is an exterior view of the new kitchen window.  On the interior side, there is a long built-in counter with tons of storage below.

The fireplace in the new family room.

This built-in cupboard in the breakfast room was painted a new color.  We love it!

These French doors in the new family room will open onto the covered stone porch.
I can't wait to see this beautiful fixture hanging over the kitchen island!

This wonderful cabinet at the side of the refrigerator takes advantage of an often neglected space in a kitchen.  Lots of great storage here!
The next time we see this project will be wrapping it up.  It's been another rewarding journey for us, and a fun job with great clients...who are now friends!  Just the way we like it.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Progress Outside

Over the past couple of posts we've concentrated on what's happening inside the house on the project we're most recently following.  Meanwhile, a lot is happening outside as well!

Footers have been poured for the decorative knee walls that will flank the garden areas.

One of these walls mirror the existing wall on the opposite side of this planting area.  This wall was in the original landscape, and the new walls were added with this wall to create an intimate space for the new garden.  This is the original wall, cut down and prepped for the pavers that will eventually wrap the wall.

Once the footers were cured, the block is set to the appropriate dimensions. wall had to be dismantled and moved a few inches during construction.  It's not unusual to make this sort of adjustment in the field!

And now, the portion of the masonry fence at the property line that was removed to allow construction equipment access has been rebuilt.  Great job, as you can see from the interior side of the wall in the picture above and below!  The "brick" lines were created by hand!

And more progress has been made at the pool.  The planter that flanks the pool at the back corner has been re-worked and capped.  Also, the water line tile has all been installed.  We love the subtlety of this tile with the pool coping and decking.

Lots of details still to come, but the end is in sight.  More interior shots next time!

Friday, November 1, 2013

Trims and Millwork

In the traditional, historic homes that many of our projects are in, the trims and mill work are very important to the final product.  All of these trims are specified by size and design in the elevations we produce for the client.  These elevations ensure that everyone knows what each wall is expected to look like, and how every door, window, arch, beam and cabinet should be finished out.

At the project we're recently following, since the vintage of the home is very early 20th century, it had a considerable amount of mill work in the existing rooms.  By continuing this work into the newly designed kitchen and family room areas, these new spaces will immediately feel like they had always been there!

Let's look at some of the trim going in.

The transoms over these arches into the breakfast and family rooms add a wonderful vintage touch!

Due to foundation shifting, this door had gotten completely out of square.  By removing portions of the old trim and re-trimming the door, it now appears to be square with the room!

These boxed beams will be trimmed, and will add great character to the family room space.

Another transom over the arch opening from the main house to the kitchen.

The new view from the front room all the way through to the back of the house.  Beautiful!

This newly added pantry space is surrounded by shelves designed for cook books and favorite objects.

A small trey-inset above the new beverage area also has a beam treatment.

New back door, and new trims.

A box treatment going in above the cabinets to mount the crown moldings to.
With all the trims going in, that means that completion of the interior is close!  Wood work all over the house is being sanded and painted, and soon the appliances will be delivered.  Up and running just in time for the holidays!