Thursday, August 26, 2010


What was originally a "contractor-grade" bathroom in this client's home is now taking on the excitement and vibrancy that this artist-owner deserves! A space that seemed cramped with an over sized shower stall and a single sink now feels open and bright.

There are always exciting milestones in any renovation process, and to me, cabinet installation day is one of the best. For this renovation, we had custom cabinets made by Richard Hunt of Fine Design Cabinetry. To our specifications, he built a sink/makeup-vanity combination cabinet, with storage tower in between, a tall curio-cabinet and a beautiful storage cabinet for the WC nook.

Richard makes a few last-minute adjustments while installing.

"Cookie" seems to love Mom's new digs!

A milk-white paint finish was chosen with a custom-colored glaze to complement the travertine floors.

As beautiful as these cabinets are, it was important that they be practical as well. Richard worked closely with us and the client to make sure there would be adequate storage. The extra-deep drawers and the "appliance garage" (for hair dryer, curling iron, etc.) really fit the needs. This is a case where very careful planning on the front end of the project will help assure the hoped-for outcome. (By the way, the blue painters tape "drawer pulls" are just there until proper knobs are installed...just in case you were wondering!)

Since these photos were taken, the tub has finally arrived, which will help the project move towards completion. As we mentioned in previous postings, material delivery schedules can create major problems, and sometimes they are unavoidable. It's important to create a good relationship with your suppliers, but it's also good to know when it's time to pull the plug and move on! And the best part is, those "bad moments" during the process will be nothing but memories when the project is complete!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Let the Art Begin!

Let's check in on our bathroom project. Progress has stumbled a little, due to some materials not arriving when expected, but luckily work is still progressing.

Bead-board wainscoting has been installed, and all doors and windows received new trims more appropriate to the design. The travertine floors have been completely covered to protect them during the remainder of the construction process.

As we begin to piece together the artistic project, the client has chosen artisan Ron Francis to do a Venetian plaster finish on the ceiling, and behind the vanity mirrors. The first coats in the process were layers of cream colors, in finishes and glazes that will reflect the light and give the ceiling texture. A very small amount of color was added in the final coats...a green-blue that mimics the color of the integral glass sink and counter top.

You'll see how beautifully this ceiling color works in our next photos, where we'll reveal the installed cabinetry, and the sink-counter top. We're currently waiting for a tub, toilet, sconces and faucets...but, next week I can reveal the cabinetry to keep you on the hook!

Thursday, August 12, 2010


Last week, we looked at some of the interior changes that will be happening on one of our latest design projects. Today, I wanted to show you what the new exterior will look like.

Here are some shots of the current front facade.

Here are the designs for the renovations that will take place on the 4 side exterior elevations.
And one perspective sketch to get a better feel of what the finished project will look like!

The homeowners are now waiting for bids from several contractors. This well-organized client made a detailed checklist of questions for the contractors, and information expected to be provided within their bids. This is a fantastic approach. As we've discussed in past blogs, the better your communication is on the front end with your contractor, the more smoothly you can expect the project to unfold! And fewer surprises should arise.

Meanwhile, there are many choices to be appliances, counter tops, flooring, bath fixtures, colors... The task at hand can seem daunting, but by making lists of needs, and checking them off when selections are made, eventually the list is completed.

I promise to keep you updated on this project when work begins!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Full of Surprises!

A few months ago, our firm was hired to design a major renovation on a home in our own neighborhood. Seeing the home's interior for the first time was quite a surprise. Alterations had been made to the home by previous owners, that spoke more of that period in design than about the vintage of the home itself. We feel honored to be a part of a project of this nature; one that we think is important to the restoration of a home in a historic district.

Here are some pictures of the home as it is now:

Because the home is in a historic neighborhood, there are more steps to the design process than just a "normal" renovation. Our team has many years of experience in dealing with this process, and understanding the design elements that will be closely scrutinized by our local Architectural Review Commission. After client approval, all plans must be approved by the ARC prior to being sent to the city for building approval.

As you can imagine, a design process that must embrace both the clients' desires for a comfortable and aesthetically appealing space, and historic building dictates, requires a lot of time and comfortable communication with the clients and approval boards. We were very lucky on this project to have both!

Here you can see some of our plans for interior design solutions that will be implemented to return the spaces to what they once might have been...only better!
The project went before the ARC for approval earlier this week, and passed with flying colors, so construction should begin soon. Next, I'll share drawings with you for the exterior renovations. This will be an exciting project to watch!

Hats-off to our clients for their commitment to this project. Your trust in Interior Spaces means the world to us!