Friday, October 18, 2013

Privacy Regained!

On many projects that involve extensive work both inside and out, the exterior areas are going to look pretty rough during the construction process.  In this project we're following, a lot of plants were removed, leaving the view to the back neighbors pretty exposed.

Luckily, due in part to a summer of more-than-adequate rainfall, some beautiful specimen plants were located for the project.  These specimens instantly provided some privacy again, which made the homeowners very happy!

The moving and installation of these plants required a Bob-cat and four burly guys, but the effect is well worth it.  

That's a lot of weight to lift!  Take a look once these plants are all in.

Later, the smaller plant material will go in place underneath and around this green canopy.  But while the back fence was open, getting these in with the Bob-cat made perfect sense.  One more piece of the puzzle in place...and a "few" more to go!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Light and Bright

Huge progress has been made at the project we've following for a few weeks.  Inside, all the wiring and plumbing have been completed and inspected, and the sheetrock is all up and finished.  New oak flooring has been installed to match the rest of the home.  When the building process is completed on the first floor, all of the floors will be sanded and refinished at the same time.

Meanwhile, a portion of the cabinetry has been installed, and you can really start to get a feel for what the finished space will be like. It's much more open and bright than the former space.  Let's take a look!

Not quite on the home stretch yet, but what a difference!  As the trims and details start to happen over the next few weeks, there will be great changes happening every day.  We'll watch them happen together, and take a look at some of the reasons why certain design decisions were made.

Friday, October 4, 2013

Prepping for Planting

A lot of progress has been made at the renovation project we're following recently, both inside and out. During the construction process, a portion of the perimeter property wall was removed to facilitate equipment and materials coming in and out during the construction process.  This will be re-built as soon as the larger opening is no longer necessary, but before that happens, the large plant specimens will be brought in. Though this may seem premature, bringing them in at ground level will be much easier (and less costly!) than craning them up and over the wall.

This area will be cleaned out and graded for the plants that will arrive tomorrow!

Meanwhile, after the footers and retaining walls were completed for the patio and back door landing areas, the steps have been formed.  The blue flexible tubing will be for low-voltage wiring that will power step lights.  The steps and landings require a good deal of thought and planning to be sure they will be the proper height once the surface materials are installed.

The entry steps to the back door have been partially excavated as well, and will also accommodate a step light.  They will be a slightly different size when complete, and will be covered in the same pavers and stone as the pool decking and patio.

Simultaneously, a new sunshelf and steps have been created in the pool, the coping has been completed, and the planter that backs up the pool has been re-formed.  This back wall will contain a new water feature when completed.

On the inside, cabinets are going in the kitchen now.  Just wait till you see!