Friday, May 27, 2011

Every Square Inch

Storage is a high priority in almost any one's home. So in a major home renovation, finding any and all storage possibilities is part of what a good space planner will accomplish.

In this project we've been following, the master suite (with a relatively small walk-in closet) was a prime target for this kind of planning. Space for built-in cabinetry was carved out in several locations so that the finished rooms will offer ample storage for almost anything you might have!

Though still waiting for the doors, you can see how much space these units in the bedroom have.

In the bathroom, again, cabinetry is tucked into many spaces to accommodate linens, medicines and other bathroom paraphernalia.

This over sized vanity mirror (in waiting), could practically hold a drug store! Well, close anyway.
Not only is all this storage wonderful, when the beautiful doors are installed each cabinet will become an architectural element in the home.

I think I need a new house!

Friday, May 20, 2011

Phase II Begins

It's been a couple of months since we checked in on this project, and the second phase--the covered pavilion--is just underway.

Since it is a small backyard garden area, the main architectural elements from the garage and the new pergola (all close by), will be borrowed for the new pavilion. But there will be a few surprises that will set it apart and give it a personality of it's own.

The columns are going up, and cross-beams have been prepared.

This project will go up pretty quickly. By next week, we'll definitely be seeing a structure!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Master Bath

Once the floors were finished and could be walked on again, (sorry, they will be covered for the remainder of the construction, so photos later!), I could check back on progress in the master bath at this project.

Here are some photos of the progress.

The marble tile installation was completed in the shower stall. The marble surrounding the door is beautiful!

A new double vanity is topped with a gorgeous marble slab with a lot of gray, and subtle blues and blends beautifully with the more traditional Carrera marble on the floors and in the shower.

The wall behind the vanity was made thicker to accommodate a large, custom medicine cabinet that is being built. Likewise, the same exterior wall was thickened to allow for a deeper linen cupboard at the end of the tub.

The contemporary shape of the tub matches the over-size sinks in the vanity. This is a great blending of updated elements into a more traditional setting.

Room-by-room, design details are falling into place. Stand by for more!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Another Minor Detail

A stair rail, is a stair rail, is a stair rail.

Or, maybe not! When you have a tricky stair configuration, the rail should match the intricacy of the steps, right? The correct answer is, yes, it should. But, unless the installer is a very patient craftsman like on this job, you'll be lucky to get this kind of work.

The newels, handrail and balusters on these new stairs are very appropriate to the period and style of the house.

Spindly balusters would have looked flimsy, and a thicker newel post would have made the staircase too clunky in the beautiful new space. Proportion here is very important.

Notice how the staircase ends at the same plane as the wall just beyond. This is an important element in the design that helps maintain a feeling of "calm" in the room.

And now for the promised detail! Notice how the rail steps up (or down) exactly like the stairs.

Once in a while, it's the things you didn't even know to expect that give you the most pleasure. Life should be like this every day!